This concept seems like a pain in the ass, I know. But it can actually be quite simple.

I don’t break down my budgets into a million categories, I stick to the simple approach.


It really can be that simple!

You breakdown your budget into the 3 main categories and the sub categories that are relevant to you.

Here is how I breakdown my personal budget:


•Student Loans





These are all of my sub categories which fall into one of the 3 main categories. KEEP IT SIMPLE! It really does not need to be complicated.

I use different apps to help with my budget, however my favorite is Mint. It’s the most amazing app on the planet which I could go on forever about (And I will in another post). But the general idea is you can link ALL of your accounts into this one app, and you can categorize every transaction you make into your different budget categories. It manages cash flow, your budget and every transaction you make. Like I said – the best app ever!

But whether you use your phone, your computer or maybe you like to write things down – there is something for everyone! That’s the beauty of the internet.

Just do a little google search and you will have access to all sorts of resources for creating your own personal budget.